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Guitar Loops Pack by Alex Jerasem



CRYSTAL CLEAN Complete Edition Pack includes:

  • 55 WAV 2,4 and 8 bars Guitar Loops 

  • BPM range included: 76 - 140

  • 100% Royalty-Free

  • Played and created by Alex Jerasem

  • Only original unique sound

  • Chords Progression PDF



  • RnB

  • Pop

  • Chill Hop

  • Lo-Fi

  • Hip-Hop

  • Soul

Compatible with any DAW that uses WAV.

80 (1).png


"I’m very proud of every sound in this loops pack and can’t wait to hear, what all these talented producers can do with this!"

A clean guitar sound. It gives you jazzy vibes and getting more and more popular among producers from whole the world. Especially in styles like RnB, Neo Soul, Pop, or Chill Hop. The clean guitar is the key instrument and first choice for catchy vibes. But this popularity makes it harder for producers to find unique and quality sounds.


Some sample packs are just VST guitars, that may sound like a real guitar, but they never will. Most sample packs from real guitarists have only standard neo-soul samples and chord progressions. Sometimes these loops have way too much guitar effects. And this all decreases creativity freedom for beatmakers.

That’s why the CRYSTAL CLEAN pack represents the BEST SOLUTION for every producer who wants to have a real guitar from a real guitar player. The goal was to create a Loops Pack, that will give quality and free space for creativity. With 55 quality guitar loops, the CRYSTAL CLEAN  Pack is the pathfinder through genres such as RnB, Chill Hop, Lo-Fi, Pop, and Hip-Hop. Alex Jerasem brings his own unique clean guitar tone, that he uses in his own projects. Each loop has its own groove. Some of them have a natural swing, which is perfect for rhythm-based music. All loops have minimal sound design and a minimal amount of sound effects to provide a maximal quality of clean guitar tone. This allows you to edit, and add your own effects to the sound as YOU like.

If you want to bring a LIFE to your music and make it stand out of the ocean of similar sounded beats - the CRYSTAL CLEAN loops pack is exactly what you need! Clean sound, a quiet noise of working guitar amp, a little grinding of fingers. This all you will find in the exclusive CRYSTAL CLEAN pack from Alex Jerasem. Some loops you can find on his Instagram page. To find all these example guitar videos on Instagram use the hashtag #AJCrystalCleanPack 

CRYSTAL CLEAN is 100% Royalty-Free and 100% original sound! Every loop was played by hand on the real guitar from a real guitarist and was recorded LIVE. These loops will bring LIFE to your beats!


Demo Loop - E Min
Demo Loop - D Min
Demo Loop - C Maj
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