From playing blues and funk on the guitar to creating a modern pop-music by connecting a legacy of different music styles, guitarist and singer/songwriter Alex Jerasem is ready to impress you with unique guitar performances and the truly emotional lyrics of his songs. Learning from the best musicians as Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, John Mayer, B.B. King and Elton John with his heart burning passion for exploring the wonderful world of music, call him to pick up his guitar and hit the stage. As a musician, he grew up listening to the greatest blues and jazz musicians of the 20th century, which is clearly read in his musical DNA and helps him to create a perfect balance between old- and new-school music like RnB or pop.

The story of Alex begins in the small city of far cold Estonia where he was born right in the middle of the collapse of USSR, which meant the beginning of hard times in the economically destroyed new country. Alex grew up as the eldest brother in a big family of four boys with strict religious parents, who introduced him to the world of music. Alex at the age of 4, was assigned to play a simple triangle in a children’s church orchestra and it was that which impressed little Alex to discover an amazing world of music where he later found his salvation, from all his problems and the difficulties he had faced in life. He tried a number of instruments in the church orchestra, sang in the church choir and even finished music school playing the flute before he found his love for playing guitar at age fifteen. He started performing as a fingerstyle guitarist and moved on to the blues and rock after being totally stunned listening to Eric Clapton which became a beginning of his love for the blues and jazz music. Alex recalls being “completely destroyed and helpless” when hearing Eric Clapton playing guitar for the first time. “He was so honest, emotional, unbelievable melodic and so groovy.” “I spent hundreds of hours listening to his songs, I watched all his concerts that I could find on the Internet and played them for hours every day.” 

Back in 2012, young Alex (whilst in love) made a desperate decision to follow his girlfriend, who he was with for years and moved to Germany to be with her. Reality struck this romantic act when he realized after arriving in Berlin, that he was alone, had no german language skills, no money and tragically no support from his love. “Only at that moment I realized how dumb I was, but decisions were made and all I had to do was to try and overcome it”. Isolated from everyone and abandoned by his girlfriend, there was an unspoken assumption he’d return to his parents back at home, but he decided to push through the difficulties and stayed in Germany: where he had to deal with dangerous people involved with crime, would have to get up at three o’clock in the morning for poorly paid, difficult work. He wasn’t a stranger to hunger and loneliness in the city of Berlin.

In 2013 he saved enough money to move closer to his girlfriend in a small city of “Trier” in West-Germany in the hope of salvaging the relationship. After one year of trying, Alex decided to finally finish them off and moved on to focus on living a new life, where he would learn German, attend university and of course play his guitar. Although Alex admits that all these difficulties probably made him harder and tougher, it also made him more mature and gave him endless inspirations and unique life experiences that he now uses to write his own songs.  

This line of hard experiences projects into Alex’s music with his style of soft, melodic sounds and he’s impressively emotional both in playing the guitar, in his vocal and in the lyrics of his songs. “It makes no difference who you are, where you were born, how much money you have or whatever else – we all have our own reasons to cry, smile or talk with that lonely voice in our heads when nobody listens, but we pretend to ignore it, because it scares us”, says Alex, “But there’s a way to communicate with the angels and demons in our heads and this way for me is music, because music doesn’t lie. I know it because even when I was at my lowest, the music gave me an inner core, that saved and helped me through it all. I know there’s a lot of people with different problems out there and I want to show them how to lose that fear of looking inside of us”. He shows a lot of personality in his songs, exposing himself on deeper levels, which provides a special value to Alex’s music and drives him to share it with the world. In the end, he has a clear, strong mission in doing music, and that is: “I want to be heard” and Alex definitely has something to say.

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